Investing In Long-Term Business Relationships

Helping Our Brand Partners Thrive

What seperate us from the competition? The services we provide positively impact brands, as we fix common problems many brand owners struggle with. This helps us create a stronger, more beneficial relationship.

Our knowledge and expertise of the Amazon Marketplace comes out of manufacturing and successfully selling our own brands and products since 2013. We’ve felt the frustration and pain, simply becauce we’ve been in your shoes.

We have one business model, we pay you.  When we sell your products, Strategye becomes the brand’s authorized third party re-seller on the Amazon Marketplace channel. We can be your wholesale retailer, e-commerce agency.

We buy inventory directly from you and work with your team to meet your pricing and marketing standards. The money that we earn from selling your product then goes to providing value added services to optimize, stregthen and grow your brand’s presence on the Marketplace.

Strategye provides for you all of our valued added services and software tools free of charge to grow your brand.

We But It

We buy it, we keep it

We buy directly from you and pay you upfront, we own and warehouse the inventory. No messy returns, consignment or buy backs.

Technology Strategist

Technology strategists

Our software provide dependable forecasts to keep your product in stock, but not overstocked, resulting in easy transactions with our partners.

Amazon Expert Specialist

We are specialists

Our in-house specialists focus on different industries, their specilize knowledge is most beneficial for selling more of your products online.

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