Value Propositions

Growing And Protecting Your Brand

We are an online retailer and product marketing agency with significant expertise in the Amazon marketplace since 2011.

Jahano collaborates with Brand Manufacturers to position their brands to sell more of their products on Amazon.

Buyers can shop knowing they are getting authentic products since we work in close collaboration with the brand owners to extend their core values and interaction with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

As a brand owner, your satisfaction means everything to us. If you have questions about growing your brand, please reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

Amazon agency brand management

We Pay You

We buy your products directly from you and pay you directly up-front. No hassle, no buy backs, no returns, no consignments. This means more exposure and sales for your products and brand.

We Retail Your Brand

Jahano resells your products while expanding your brand loyalty, using our exertise. We’ve got your back. Your brand is in the company of experts. We optimize and enfore your brand policies.

Software Intelligence

We use propritery business intelligence tools to spot and fix problems, identify opportunities to increase revenue and profit, and to market your brand with confidence.

Listing Optimization

We optimize your products to look their best, and to preserve the integrity of your brand. Customer are more likely to purchase a product that provides lifestyle shots, detailed description and a video.

Messaging Is At The Heart Of Your Customers’ Lives

Product Images

Amazon product images speacialists

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY – There is no denying poor product photos can be disastrous to an Amazon product listing. Your main photo that appears in the search results is the first thing potential customers see. Our professional product photographers captures high-converting product images that sells and sets your products apart from your competition. We will create a signature look just for your brand to build a stronger emotional connection with customers.

Product Videos

PRODUCT VIDEO – Using product videos bring your product and story to life. It puts the potential customer in the “drivers seat” as to how it feels to use your product before the actual purchase. It’s the best way to show your product’s value, uses, benefits, brand information, and unique selling proposition. Our video experts create beautiful video content for your product listing and video advertising for a deeper level of product interactivity with potential customers.

Valur proposition amazon product videos

Listing Content Optimization

Amazon listing content optimization

Listing Content Optimization – Jahano experts will optimized your listing copy incorporating high quality SEO, A+ Content, Enhanced Brand Content,custom storefront on the Amazon platform to engage with consumers while driving conversion.

The bottom line is, we optimize and grow brands on the Amazon Marketplace resulting in consistent results.

Our Software Technology

The only software you need to sell more on Amazon – we quickly validate your product’s success with at-a-glance analytics like seasonal trends, profit estimates, keyword research, listing analysis, products positioning, competitive strategies, to seeing your profits, market share and competitor ranking. Plus, PPC management and automation. Our software suite of products are developed with your Amazon’s business success at the forefront. Let Jahano give your brand this massive advantge.

Amazon value proposition software technology

MAP Enforcement

MAP & RESALE POLICY ENFORCEMENT – Take back control of your brand from unauthorized internet resellers. We help protect and grow some of the best brands in the world with state-of-the-art technology and top class analysts to keep our brand partners safe. Enforcing minimum advertised prices (MAP) on Amazon isn’t easy as the stakes are high and prices are low. We have the tools and know-how to identify all resellers with MAP violations and help you promote fair competition and maintain your brand identity and value.

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