Setting The Recommended Budget To Help Achieve Your PPC Goals

If you’ve been running Amazon PPC campaigns and you received this message below from Amazon, here is what it means. It’s about increasing your daily budget help improve your ads performance?

Your campaigns are out of budget or are close to running out of budget. You can use the recommended budget below to help keep them running throughout the day. These recommendations are based on your campaign’s daily spend rate”.

Help increase visibility

Once a campaign is out of budget, your ads won’t be eligible to show until midnight when the daily budget resets. Increase your daily budget to help ensure you don’t miss out on impressions and clicks.

Help boost sales

To help ensure you don’t miss out on sales opportunities, we suggest setting a higher budget for your best performing campaigns.

Help maximize your spend

If you have a portfolio with a budget cap we recommend increasing the budget of campaigns with good results to help make the most of their performance.

Using Budget rules to plan and optimize campaigns

Schedule-based Budget rules is an exciting new feature that was just recently launched in campaign manager.

What is Budget rules?
Schedule-based Budget rules allows you to set your budget specifications in advance. This can help increase your chance of a click or sale by preventing campaigns from running out of budget, so shoppers are still able to see your ads.

How does it work?
The rule will increase your campaign budget by the percentage you specify, during the date range you set. This can be helpful during key shopping events, such as Prime Day or the holidays, or in anticipation of higher traffic.

Top 4 benefits of Budget rules

1. Help boost sales
Helps prevent high performing campaigns from running out-of-budget, by helping to improve the chance of an ad receiving a click or sale.
2. Useful recommendations
We will provide recommended budgets based on historical shopping activities, campaign similarity, and marketplace seasonality, to help your campaigns have sufficient budgets for important shopping events.

3. Budget planning
Helps you plan and set campaign budgets in advance of holidays, sales events, or in anticipation of higher traffic

4. Less manual effort
Save time by setting budget rules that automatically increase campaign budgets, instead of manually adjusting campaigns

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