Bring More Customers To Your Amazon Store With Sponsored Brands

You’re done building your store on Amazon to help customers learn what your brand has to offer and how your products can help them. How do you help more shoppers discover your Store? One of the answers is Sponsored Brands ads.

Sponsored Brands ads are keyword and product targeted, cost-per-click that can bring customers to your Store when they click. These ads are eligible to appear in highly visible placements – on top of and within shopping results, and on product detail pages.

On average, linking your Sponsored Brands campaign to your Store page can yield a higher return on your ad spend compared to linking to a product list page.

Linking a Sponsored Brands campaign to your Store helps create a holistic branded experience for customers on Amazon. Your ad can link to either:

  • Store spotlight to help shoppers more easily discover the different product categories available within your Store
  • Product collection to feature a brand logo and promote multiple products from your Store

Talk to one of our expert to see how Sponsored Brand ads can help you.

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