ASIN Delete By Amazon

Amazon Deleted Their Top Selling ASIN

Recently a manufacturer who has been in business since 2013 reached out for us to help them with guidance on Amazon and to enhanced one of their products that was selling six figures monthly. They felt powerless due to third party sellers purchasing their products from authorized distributors and leaching off the Amazon listing. It’s a very tough situation to be in, and we feel very sorry for them especially since their best selling product worked as advertised and customers were posting five star reviews about how they were felt better using the product.

Over the past two months, none of the third party sellers contributed to the representation of the product, no customer questions were answered and no product feedbacks were responded to. In short, they just wanted to “cash in” on someone else brand and hard work. What the brand owner needed was an expert Amazon seller (like us) handling the sale of their products on Amazon. Someone who understands how keywords work, how to create a great listing, Enhanced Brand Contents EBC or the nuances of Sponsored Products and handling reviews.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the giant online retailer, this past week Amazon deleted the ASIN from their catalog with zero chance of it being reinstated. It happened before we even started working with the Brand Owner.

Our message to brand owners is to be very mindful of how your Brand/Products are represented on Amazon and other online marketplace before it’s too late. It’s important to note even if a Brand Owner does not sell directly on Amazon, their products can and will be offered for sale on Amazon and other marketplaces at some point in time.

The sad truth is, this manufacturer is not alone, there are thousands of other brand owners who have no idea what’s going on with their products on Amazon or worst, not having the skills in dentifying and fixing issues with their product listings to make sure they are in compliance with Amazon TOS, and to grow and generate substantial sales.

The demand for companies needing an Amazon expert continues to grow.

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