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We help brand owners navigate and avoid the painful lessons and pitfalls they experience while selling on Amazon.

Creating Value Based Relationship With Our Brand Partners

We partner with brand owners to increase value at all points between your business and the consumer, bringing data, technology, strategy, and infrastructure to help them thrive on Amazon.

Strategye provides integrated retail capabilities ranging from logistics and data analysis to brand control and creative services, helping brands outsmart, not outspend, the competition.

Selling on Amazon provides a platform for businesses to access a vast customer base. However, Below are several challenges and problems that sellers can encounter when operating on Amazon

  • Competition: Due to the vast number of sellers on Amazon, competition can be fierce. This often leads to price wars, which can erode profit margins.
  • Fees: Amazon charges a variety of fees, including referral fees, subscription fees, and fulfillment fees (if using Amazon FBA). These fees can add up and significantly impact profitability.
  • Counterfeit Products: Some sellers face issues with counterfeiters selling fake versions of their products, which can damage their brand’s reputation and lead to lost sales.
  • Inventory Management: Especially for those using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), managing inventory levels to avoid long-term storage fees while ensuring stock availability can be a challenge.
  • Account Suspensions: Amazon has strict rules and policies for sellers. Violating any of these can lead to temporary or permanent account suspension.
  • Customer Reviews: Negative reviews can significantly impact a product’s ranking and sales. Addressing and resolving customer complaints promptly is essential.
  • Changing Algorithm: Amazon’s search algorithm determines how products are ranked in search results. Any changes to this algorithm can impact a product’s visibility.
  • Restrictions on Certain Product Categories: Some categories require approval from Amazon before a seller can list products. This can be a barrier for new or small sellers.
  • Advertising Costs: To remain competitive, many sellers invest in Amazon’s advertising platform, which can increase the cost of selling.
  • International Challenges: Selling in international markets can bring additional challenges like currency conversion, customs, and different regulations.
  • Returns and Refunds: Amazon’s customer-centric approach means that sellers often have to deal with returns, even if there’s nothing wrong with the product.
  • Communication Barriers: Sometimes, communicating with Amazon’s seller support can be challenging, especially when there are complex issues to address.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Some sellers are concerned about how Amazon uses their sales data, especially given that Amazon also sells its own products.
  • Dependency on the Platform: Over-reliance on Amazon can be risky. If a seller’s account gets suspended or if there are major changes to Amazon’s policies, it can severely impact the business.
  • Tax and VAT Issues: Navigating tax issues, especially for international sellers or those selling in multiple states or countries, can be complicated.

We Create Conversion-Focused Listing And Graphics for Amazon, Designed To Crush Objections and Help You Sell More and Rank Better

The Power of Our 25+ Value Propositions

In the competitive landscape of Amazon, sellers are constantly vying for the attention of a vast and diverse audience. While price, product quality, and reviews undoubtedly play a pivotal role in influencing buying decisions, the unique value proposition (UVP) a seller brings to the table can often be the game-changer.

By leveraging our 25+ distinct value propositions, a brand owner can effectively communicate a broad spectrum of benefits and advantages that cater to various customer needs and pain points.

Whether it’s free shipping, eco-friendly packaging, lightning-fast delivery, exceptional post-purchase support, or exclusive bundle offers, each value proposition serves as a compelling reason for a customer to choose one product over another.

In essence, our rich set of UVPs can be the arsenal that empowers your brand to stand out amidst a sea of competitors and resonate with a wider range of potential buyers.


Accelerate With Our Intelligence Software

Our Intelligent e-commerce software has revolutionized the way our brand partners sell products on Amazon. One of the primary benefits of using such software is the ability to harness the power of data analytics and machine learning.

Our technologies enable sellers to optimize their product listings, make data-driven decisions on inventory management, and implement dynamic pricing strategies. As the e-commerce landscape becomes increasingly competitive, having insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns can give sellers a significant edge.

The software can also forecast demand for specific products, allowing us to stock up in advance and avoid costly stockouts or overstock situations. Furthermore, with the vast volume of data available on Amazon, our software can analyze reviews, feedback, and ratings to provide actionable insights on product improvements and market positioning.

Object Busting Product Images

Increased Conversion Rates: High-quality images give potential customers a clear idea of what they’re purchasing, leading to more confident buying decisions and thus higher conversion rates.

Reduced Returns: Clear and accurate images can reduce the number of returns, as customers know exactly what they’re getting before they purchase.

Builds Trust: Customers are more likely to buy from a seller they feel is honest and transparent about their products.

Better Product Understanding: Multiple images from different angles or showing various uses can help the customer understand the product better, ensuring they know its features and benefits.

Enhanced Brand Image: Professional and high-quality images can improve the perception of the brand, making it appear more reputable and trustworthy.

Less Reliance on Text: While descriptions are crucial, a picture is worth a thousand words. The right images can convey information quickly and efficiently, sometimes better than text can.

Competitive Advantage: In a marketplace crowded with similar products, having superior images can set a listing apart from competitors.

Above The Fold Contents

  • What shows up when an ASIN is searched on Amazon?
  • How does your product title appears on search results?
  • Does your bullets present the features and benefits?
  • Does you main image contain special properties and functionality?
  • Does the supporting or gallery images help sell your products by showing potential customers exactly what they’ll receive?

Below The Fold Contents

The Amazon product description section is of paramount importance for several reasons. Here’s a partial breakdown of its significance:

  • SEO Benefits: Amazon’s search algorithm (A9) takes into account the content in the product description. Using relevant keywords and phrases can improve the product’s visibility in Amazon’s search results, driving more organic traffic to the listing
  • Setting Expectations: It helps set the right expectations about the product. By clearly stating what the product does and does not offer, sellers can manage customer expectations and reduce dissatisfaction
  • Compliance: Amazon has specific guidelines and standards for listing products. A well-structured and compliant product description ensures that the listing adheres to Amazon’s policies, reducing the risk of potential issues or listing removals.
  • A Brand Story
  • A+ Content
  • Premium A+ Content
  • Amazon Posts


We Love Our Partners


Strategye is a leading website and eCommerce partner since 2011. We work with brand owners to procure their products for resale. We also manufacture our own brands for sale on Amazon.

We use advanced tools and software that can help in product research, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and more. These tools can provide a powerful edge over our competitors.

Good question. We have been creating our own brands and selling on Amazon since 2013. Since then, we have gained valuable insights as to how a brand or product needs to be created and represented on both the backend and frontend of Amazon in order to succeed.

We currently offer these insights to brand owners that are finding it difficult to gain or maintain sales on the Amazon Marketplace.


No. In fact we purchase directly from the brand owners and pay them directly while implementing our value propositions.

You can reach our customer support team by using the “REQUEST A CALLBACK” link below. Our support hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST, Monday – Friday.

Our Services For Free

We take the frustration and confusion out of the Amazon Marketplace. We are retailers that partner with brand owners to take control of their Amazon marketplace presence.

We will not charge you for our services and expertise, in exchange for the right to sell your products on Amazon.

We will sell your products at a profit, and therefore treat your business like our own.