We Are An Amazon Third-Party Private Label Seller And Retailer

If you are looking for a third-party Amazon selling partner solely to retail your products, with no upfront costs to you. We may be able to help. This is where we shine. We have been doing this since 2011.

We retail products for dozens of specially selected brands, while also curating several of our own private label brands as well, we use some of these (PL) brands to test new strategies and marketplaces. We then apply the best results for our retail partners.

Many brands choose to work with us to sell their products on Amazon because of the expertise it requires. Manufacturing a product is one thing. Selling it on Amazon is a whole different matter. Both require a great deal of experience, capital and infrastructure. Our brand partners choose to focus on product creation and partner with us to handle logistics, marketing, sales, and customer service.

About Us Amazon Marketplace Agency

Our Company Core Values


We treat our Partners, their Brands and Products with the same level of respect, honesty and deligence as we would expect to be treated.


We expect ownership of a task, project and deliverables from our senior management, employees, contractors and external consultants.


Personal initiative is a job requirement at Jahano. We are stronger when each team member knows what’s expected from them.

Action Oriented

Poetic speeches does not cut it at Jahano. Successful businesses require action. Consistent, measured and productive action taken towards an end goal. Next.

Benefits of working with us as your Amazon Third-Party Seller

One of the main benefits of partnering with us are the cost advantages as we combine volume with heightened efficiency. As you produce more goods, the cost per good generally decreases. These cost reduction comes in the form of better supplier rates for you, faster inventory turnaround, less customer returns, enhanced packaging and more.

As a brand owner who partners with us, you get to leverage our services to improve results such as our software suite specifically designed for Amazon, digital marketing services, creative services, brand registration and protection services, and logistics & supply chain services.

Your brand don’t have to develop these costly in-house capabilities. Many of our newer brands partners had a limited understanding of selling on the Amazon marketplace. Our long history selling on the Amazon platform fills this gap.

The world of e-Commerce is a lot to deal with. Increasing marketing cost, low product visibility and saturated competition. Working with us may be the best way to gain the kind of traction your brand is looking for, freeing your resources to focus on developing great products that consumers are happy to use, and we would be happy to purchase from you.

Let’s plan on maximizing your potential on Amazon

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