Connecting With Like-Minded Businesses

About Strategye

Strategye is one of the most trusted Technology and eCommerce service provider in the country. We are based in Orlando, Florida and have been in business since 1998. Using best-in-class proprietary software technologies, we process gigabytes of data daily to manage, analyze and retail our brand partners product on the Amazon Marketplace.

Some of these products are from top manufacturers, while others brands were created and still own and operated by small famlilies. We know how important your brand is, that’s why we work hard to add massive value beyond just selling your products.

Our dedicated team work with brand partners and products that we believe in, since our business model is based on mutual success.

As we grow and succeed, our vendors, employees, contractors and the community as a whole share in the success. This collective model is built into our company’s DNA.

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